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Denise Sherman Team Supports Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of our community and I want to help you thrive.

Do you want a helping hand? My special offer can help you with that!

Begin by selecting one package and one reward to help you in your business.


Available Packages

Package 1: Making Small Businesses Bigger with Virtual Support!

Are you looking for help planning an event? Do you need some systems put in place to automate your mundane tasks? We can provide invaluable assistance that can help you save time and money by allowing us to support your needs virtually.

Package 2: Boost Your Presence - Get Noticed with Google Business!

A business profile on Google can be a great way to reach potential customers, promote your brand and products, and gain visibility online. It allows businesses to showcase their products and services, manage customer reviews, create campaigns, and track performance. Having a presence on Google also helps increase your website’s search engine rankings so you can appear higher in organic searches and attract more customers.

Package 3: Get Noticed: Social Media Banners to Broadcast your Business.

Social media banners are an effective way to broadcast your business on the web. They provide a platform for businesses to showcase their products and services in a visually appealing way that can be seen by millions of viewers. Additionally, they can help promote events, increase brand awareness and even drive conversions. With social media banners, businesses have access to an easy-to-use marketing tool that can help them maximize their reach and impact.


Available Rewards

Reward 1: Invest. Grow. Succeed

Our team will conduct a Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) is an essential tool to help you create a comprehensive financial game plan. The FNA process helps identify potential gaps in income and expenses, assess sources of risk, and create a personalized strategy for investing, growing, and ultimately succeeding in retirement.

Help us share our support with another business. We request two business referrals to help other businesses grow and succeed.

Reward 2: Unlocking Negotiation Power for Small Businesses

Our team will conduct a commercial lease review. Lease reviews empower small businesses to take control of their lease negotiations. We can help businesses identify the best possible terms in their leases, saving them time and money.

Connect us with another business. We request two business referrals to help other businesses grow and succeed.

Reward 3: Protect Your Business, Compare Your Rates

Life insurance policies are a valuable tool for protecting your business and ensuring financial security for yourself and your family. With so many different policies available, it can be overwhelming to compare rates and determine which policy is best for you. That's why it's important to review your current life insurance policy regularly to make sure you're getting the most out of it. By comparing rates and assessing your needs, you'll be able to get the best coverage for the best price. Protecting your business with a life insurance policy will give you peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for any unexpected events in the future.

Unite us with another business. We request two business referrals to help other businesses grow and succeed.

Reward 4: Help power up another business – one referral at a time

Help us connect with three other businesses to help them thrive. Referrals are an incredibly powerful way to help other businesses succeed. By referring someone to another business, you're providing them with a valuable connection that can help them grow. It's a great way to help out your fellow entrepreneurs and build relationships within the business community.

Let's begin with a consultation to learn about your needs and develop a plan to work together.

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Denise Sherman is a Real Estate Salesperson, who specializes in helping first time home buyers in Albany County NY. She is concerned with providing her readers with valuable information to make a good real estate decision. Go here to read her unbelievable story, "Military Veteran Helps Families by Taking the Stress Out of Home Buying." If you want to send Denise a quick message, then visit her contact page here.

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